Flutter In Action

If you are a mobile developer that loves developing mobile apps as quickly as possible, then this session is definitely for you. This session shows you how to develop and run a mobile app in 30 minutes without needing to have any deep knowledge of native mobile application development in iOS or Android. This will be achieved by using Flutter. This session is a practical session that shows you the detailed steps needed for developing a basic Flutter app. After this session, you’ll know enough information that can allow you to start developing your first mobile app.

This session was part of the latest Droidcon NYC in 27 August 2019.


This article is not about mobile or web development or cloud platforms, it is about my dive into the machine learning world. Although I’m still an explorer of this field, I will blog about my observations from time to time.

Before we proceed, let’s understand the target of this article…

@01 Feb, I will be glad to have you joining my session in DevFest Chicago “Learnt lessons from Mockito 2.x Migration”:

This session will discuss the tips and tricks of migrating a project with tons of unit tests from Mockito 1.x to Mockito 2.x. It also shows important techniques and disciplines to be followed in order to get rid of all of any existing legacy PowerMock dependency and to have 100% clean unit tests with truly testable code.

See you all there, looking forward to meet you all in person!

Hazem Saleh

Open source enthusiast, Apache PMC, Sr Software Engineer in @Facebook NY, Author of 5 tech books (one of them is a best selling). All opinions are my own.

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